Clinical Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

You eat too much, or too fat, too sweet, you snack ... You know that, but still, there's no way to stop?

Someone overweight can experience social hardship, including discrimination, verbal or emotional bullying and physical abuse. These can intensify the feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy and cause major psychological issues such as Low self-confidence, Anxiety, Depression,Stress.

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Hypnotherapy is a technique that allows the creation of a state of inner hypervigilance. Most of the things you do that contribute to your weight gain are made in an automatic way without you thinking much about it. Through hypnotherapy new automatisms are installed in your unconscious mind to stop you having unhealthy reflexes and gain heathy responses.

You see chocolate or snacks and your unconscious mind makes an alert to your conscious mind saying, you like this, this will give you pleasure and satisfaction. Because this information comes from within yourself, resisting is amazingly difficult.

Once the new automatisms are installed to replace the old unhealthy habits the brain creates new connections and the reactions coming from your unconscious mind will no longer be the same.

You see chocolates or snacks and the signal coming from your unconscious mind will not stimulate the desire of eating it. You eat too much salt? As an example, if you eat too salty and want to stop, you visualize and feel the effect of a piece of salted cod on your tongue.

How will you start losing weight?

In order to lose weight, you must first change your behaviour towards food. Hypnotherapy does not make you lose weight in a miraculous way. It creates a desire for change by changing values like self-esteem, self-confidence and respect for your body. It also helps you to maintain motivation in the long term, to anticipate situations "at risk" (for instance going to the supermarket or at a buffet).

One of the most powerful abilities of hypnotherapy is the capability to recreate images, sounds and sensations inside the brain. The unconscious mind makes no difference between the dream and the real experience and it will record it as real. It then becomes easy to reproduce a recorded situation, where you, for example, remain indifferent in the face of your favourite dessert. Hypnotherapy will lead you to take pleasure eating a heathy menu or find motivation to get back to sport.

How long does it take to get results?

Changing your thoughts towards food is fast but you also have to give the body the time it needs to lose weight. One can reasonably predict 2 to 5 kg per month, 4 to 10 pounds, but this depends on your specifc situation and health.

How many sessions do I need?

You will have a first two hours session, followed by one and half hour session the following week. After that you will have one hour session when you need it.

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