Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - Hypno-Band

Lose weight effortlessly, simply by reprogramming your brain to eat less. Virtual Gastric Band is offered to obese people who do not wish to go through surgery or those who want to lose just some weight.

What is a surgical Gastric Band?

The principle of a Gastric Band is simple: a plastic ring is placed around the stomach reducing the size making you being full and satiated with small amounts of food.

If this solution seems ideal, going under surgery has its downsides. People suffering from medical complications (high blood pressure, diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders, osteoarthritis and sleep apnoea syndrome) may not be suitable for Gastric Band Surgery. There may also be contradictions to general anaesthesia or serious medical pathologies (severe respiratory failure, cirrhosis, cancer).

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Virtual Gastric Band is the solution

Virtual Gastric Band offers the same long-term results against weight problems as the surgical gastric band but without surgery and without the side effects (vitamin deficiency, nausea, etc.).

In other words, you will have the same feeling of being full because you feel that your stomach has shrunk but you do not have the complications and the costs of going under surgery.

How does it work?

The process of introducing Virtual Gastric Band is the same of introducing a Surgery Gastric Band. As the unconscious mind does not make the difference between dreams and reality it will be led to believe that the gastric band was introduced and will give you the feeling that you are full when you eat small portions.

Introducing a Virtual Gastric Band does not involve surgery, you will not feel any pain and there are no side effects.

Duration of the treatment. The full treatment is made in 5 x one hour sessions

If you want to lose weight quickly without any effort the Virtual Gastric Band may be the best solution for you.

Want to lose weight quickly with virtual gastric band? Looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight?

Our Virtual Gastric Band Programme may be what you are looking for.