Clinical Hypnotherapy for Stuttering

Stuttering also called stammering is a speech impediment affecting the flow of speech, characterised by involuntary repetitions or prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases, and by involuntary silent pauses in which the person is unable to produce a sound.

Stuttering symptoms usually appear between 2 and 4 years old or in adulthood as a result of trauma. It can be caused by hereditariey, nervous system failure, lack of self-confidence, as a result of physical or emotional shock and the fear of stammering in itself.

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Stuttering symptoms

Stuttering is manifested with an extension of sounds or repetition of words and sounds, and accompanied by a facial expression caused by the tension of the muscles of the face or the body. Stuttering can in some cases also lead to irregular breathing and changing in timbre of voice.

The impact of stuttering on a person's functional and emotional state can be severe and this may include shame, anxiety and stress.

Stuttering can cause in the individual consequences such as fear of having to pronounce specific words, of being caught stuttering in social situations or feeling of "loss of control" during speech.

4 Types of stuttering / stammering

  • Tonic. Inability to issue certain syllables (the beginning of a word in general), accompanied by a strong muscular tension.
  • Clonic. Expulsion of air to finish the word started. Repeat chain of the same syllable or sound. Example: P/P/P/p/PA.
  • Toniclonic. Succession of uncontrollable blockages and repetitions.
  • By inhibition. The individual is physically and temporarily immobilized. She or he can only speak normally after this phase.

Stuttering has long been seen as purely psychological, but new studies in brain imaging and genetics have shown that there are other components to explain stuttering, nor to summarise the observed or experienced stuttering.

At a psychological level hypnotherapy remains one of the best solutions. In addition to helping you with stuttering, hypnotherapy helps to deal with all its associated emotional states.

Are you suffering from stuttering or stammering? Want to stop stuttering and regain your fluent speech?

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