Clinical Hypnotherapy for Stress

Stress is a natural and useful phenomenon. It is the organism response to a pressure or constraint of its environment. Stress mobilises a certain amount of energy that needs to be freed up in order to find a satisfactory balance.

The state of stress comes from the feeling of being overwhelmed or lacking control in the face of a situation. It reflects a difficulty of adaptation.

stressful confusing room

The shock phase

The first phase of stress occurs when we receive a "stressful" stimulus. Our heart starts racing, our muscles tone and blood sugar levels fall. Our body will at this point do everything to adapt. For this, our nervous system sends a message to the hypothalamus in the brain which releases adrenaline.

Adrenaline provides the body with the energy it needs to increase the rhythm of the heart to better oxygenate the muscles and tissues, facilitating the release of sugar and fats through the liver. At this stage our memory and reflection are improved and our pupils are dilated for us to have a better vision.

Why is this useful? When our ancestors lived in the savannas and wild animals were a treat a quick reaction made the difference between life and death. The meachanism of stress is related to our origins.

The stress-resistance phase

We no longer have wild animals treating us, but we have other situations that may put at risk our existence ( losing a job for example) or at least our brain perceive them as a treat.

If the stressful stimulus persists, we move to the resistance phase. Our organism continues in an alarm mode and finds any other resources to capitalize in order to find a new balance.

The body starts to secrete hormones and endorphins with soothing virtues such as cortisol, dopamine and serotonin. At this stage, stress is considered, from a biological point of view, as a stimulating agent beneficial to the organism, which allows it to react in order to survive situations that may endanger it.

The exhaustion phase

If the stress persists and the body is unable to cope with it because the necessary energy costs are too high, we move to the phase of exhaustion. Our immune defences start losing ground, which makes us extremely sensitive to external aggression.

We entered in a state of excessive tension, and then appear fatigue, anger, or even depression. Our safety and life are at risk.

Hypnotherapy free your stress

Through hypnotherapy your brain will be “reprogramed” to react in a more appropriate manner to everyday situations that may cause you stress. You will identify the causes of your stress and the reasons for that. You will know the causes of the causes. You will be free from the fears and stressful elements in your life.

Do not wait until your stress gets out of control (panic attacks, flashes or migraine), prevention should be your aim. You really can be helped.

Are you suffering from stress? Want to find out how hypnosis work to cope with stress ?

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