Clinical Hypnotherapy for Sport Performance

Before 1964 few Olympic athletes used mental preparation to enhance they athletic performance, and only a few had done so repeatedly and reliably. Since then we know that at equal physical conditions what makes the difference is the mind.

Nowadays things have really evolved and most athletes have a mental trainer. The use of mental preparation techniques will allow you to increase sensory perception and muscular control. It is possible to create a state of mind that will allow you to finish a marathon regardless of the pain or discouragement, and your everyday pain while training can be eliminated.

runner in a circuit

Another area that hypnotherapy can help you with is the lack of concentration. The negative internal dialogues and destructive external stimuli interfering with your concentration can be overcome, those are among the most regular demands of archers and golfers.

Emotional control also is an important factor. An excess of anger, an uncontrollable emotion or too much anxiety can lead to failure. As motivation and enthusiasm is involved in energy boost it is also possible to find mechanisms that will allow you to increase levels of energy, better recovery and enduring more .

Hypnotherapy techniques applied to sports performance have proved highly effective and a mental trainer is as important as a physical trainer. The impact on your performance can make the difference between failure and victory.

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