Clinical Hypnotherapy for Shy Bladder

Paruresis, also known as shy bladder syndrome is a disorder primarily affecting men unable to urinate in the presence of someone else. Anxiety causes a tension of the pelvic muscles and makes it impossible to relax.

This issue falls in the social phobias category and can have varying degrees of severity. There are those who simply can't urinate if there are others in the bathroom or if someone can hear the noise. There are also those who fail to do so in their bathroom if friends or other people are in the same house even in a different room.

desperate woman under the rain

The consequences of suffering from shy bladder can be limiting an individual's life. The social life is impaired as they avoid moving away from home for long periods, travel becomes impossible or worse people give up to use the toilet even if feeling the need, passing hours in a state of discomfort.

Before embarking on any treatment for Paruresis it is advisable to undergo medical tests in order to rule out possible medical causes.

Once the psychological origin of the problem are identified, with the help of a therapist individuals can practice relaxation techniques to unlock the anxiety that blocks passing urine.

Hypnotherapy has proven a very successful therapy for shy bladder as it eliminates the problem at its source. The conscious and subconscious mind are finally led to accept that shy bladder syndrome is no longer an issue.

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