Clinical Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting

At the origin of Onychophagia (also onychophagy) or nail biting there is almost always a reason of a psychological nature. Nail biting is performed unconsciously, as a response to strong internal tensions, occurs mainly in periods of nervousness, boredom, stress, and is a symptom of a deep uneasiness.

Prolonged nail biting is an obsessive-compulsive disorder and belongs to the nervous and compulsive behaviors. Those who practice nail biting for prolonged periods of time, are likely to experience health problems due to the germs and bacteria they carry into their mouth.

Two hands crossed

Teeth can get damaged, and fingers can get infections, they can develop stomach problems and reduce motility of the hands. Years of nail biting can interfere with normal nail growth and can lead to serious deformations of the fingers.

Nail biting may be a sign of deeper emotional issues and in some people it can be caused by prolonged stress or anxiety. For this reason trying to control stress and anxiety with a hypnotherapy can be a solution.

Hypnotherapy is beneficial when simpler measures are not effective. The goal is to understand the causes behing nail biting, solve them and introduce an alternative behavior to control the stimulus that triggers the impulse of nail-biting.

Are you suffering from nail biting / onychophagia? Are you looking for an effective therapy to stop nail biting?

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