Clinical Hypnotherapy for Motivation

Motivation is the set of forces, factors and interior processes directing individual's actions and behaviours. It is important to know what plays a role on our subconscious to find her back when it is not there.

Motivation is the individual's ability to organize their own behavior in a given direction, toward certain goals, following the input from outside, and on the basis of specific internal controls.

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Motivation involves emotional, social, biological, and cognitive forces that activate our wish or impulse to act. The sources of motivation are different for each individual and therefore finding the causes of lack of motivation is also an individual process.

Motivation and self-motivation are the emotion behind any kind of change. We need motivation for almost everything in our life. It is the energy we need to get out of our comfort zone. With little energy available, dreams do not go far and it is only when we feel that we need to move (latin e-motion=e-movere) that we change. The logic makes us think, but the emotions make us act.

Motivation disappears when we are in conflict with what is essential for us. There are many factors that can contribute to this situation: an abrupt change in private or professional activities; a disappointment or a painful loss; a lack of stimuli or of encouragement; having set targets above means; questioning own values and basic needs during a period of change.

Hypnosis is a successful way of producing powerful motivations that contribute to change by replacing damaging behaviors and attitudes, facing symptoms with a positive approach, and developing resources to increase self-esteem.

Are you experiencing lack of motivation? Want to stop this cycle, get motivated with an effective therapy?

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