Hypnosis and Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps individuals to control and balance their mental wellbeing, moods, behaviour and enjoy life to the fullest. It is a techique that can be learnt by anyone and applied to all circumstances of life to overcome issues and feel good.

Mindfulness is based on giving full attention to something specific happening in real time, the breath, thoughts, sound and more. Through Mindfulness one can learn how to approach thoughts and feelings becoming more aware of own reactions and subconscious states.

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When you experience depression or stress, rather than taking it all personally, mindfulness will help you to cope with it just by mean of observation with no judgement bringing more happiness and wellbeing.

Mindfulness can successfully help managing mild depression, anxiety and stress.

There is a close connection between Mindfulness and Hypnosis. A hypnotherapist would employ Mindfulness to teach individuals self-regulation strategies. Mindfulness in a clinical environment would help solve major issues just by learning techniques associated with it.

Mindfulness can help:

  • increasing awareness of thoughts and feelings
  • developing positive thinking
  • managing difficult situations
  • finding peace and calm within yourself

Do you want to learn mindfulness with a therapist? Would you like to understand how mindfulness and hypnosis can help you cope with everyday life?

Our Hypnotherapists and Psychologists can help you learning mindfulness.