Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychology to overcome Man Sexual Problems

Man sexual problems can be due to physical issues or psychological, or both at the same time. Psychological factors may be ever present, and among them the most common is the fear of failure.

In most cases, man sexual problems are related to psychological factors (anxiety, stress, negative emotions towards physical or sexual partners, lack of self-esteem), and these factors play a role in the further development of the disorder. There are many types of man sexual problems, the most common are discussed here.

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Lack of desire

The individual who has a deficiency of desire appears 'asexual' behaving as if the brain sexual centers were locked. They show no interest in sexuality and erotism.

The fall of desire, in some cases, does not involve the normal sexual response. One can have an erection and even an orgasm, but every sexual experience is lived mechanically, without experiencing pleasure.

Aversion or sexual phobia

This is a phobic refusal of erotic sensations and/or certain activities related to sex. Behaviours and sexual situations more frequently rejected are: penetration, anal, sex, oral intercourse intercourse, masturbation, kissing

These patients undergo severe anxiety and panic attacks in situations that awaken their phobic reaction. The anxiety that precedes the ' at risk ' situations leads these men to avoid a priori any occasion or sexual behavior.

Compulsive desire

People with compulsive sexual desire or sexual addiction, have sex very often sometimes reaching several orgasms every day. They are mostly men, between 20 and 40 years, obsessed with sexual feelings and fantasies that interfere with their professional and personal life.

These patients usually respond to a wide range of erotic stimuli and can get excited even in the absence of external forces. What differentiates them from people who have just a healthy and strong sexual appetite, is the compulsive quality of their sexual impulses.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation occurs before the person desires so. Individuals with this condition lack control over ejaculation and orgasm. The central point is the absence of control over the ejaculatory and not the length of the relation.

There is premature ejaculation only when the orgasm happens and cannot be controlled or avoided voluntarily from the subject. The individual cannot tolerate the erotic excitement and this produces an acceleration of the sexual response and orgasm.

Hypnotherapy and Psychology Treatments

Treatment for this type of issues can be individual or in couple. The most suitable type of therapy depends on the specific causes of the symptom and the characteristics of the patient or of the couple.

Therapeutic goals of man sexual problems are the resolution of specific sexual disorders in order to make the individual fulfilled with their sexuality, and changing any irrational and dysfunctional attitudes, beliefs, ideas, and finally encouraging a path to self-knowledge of one's own body and desires.

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