Clinical Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression is a mood disorder defined by intense dissatisfaction and sadness and the tendency not to feel pleasure in ordinary daily activities. People who suffer from depression are living in a state of constant moodiness, with negative thoughts and pessimistic about themselves and their future.

Am I depressed?

Symptoms of depression include loss of energy, fatigue, difficulty in concentration and memory, motor agitation and nervousness, weight loss or gain, sleep disturbances (insomnia or Hypersomnia), lack of sexual desire and physical pain.

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Typical emotions experienced by those suffering from depression are sadness, anguish, despair, dissatisfaction, feelings of powerlessness, loss of hope, emptiness.

Recognizing a State of depression is important, otherwise it cannot heal, it worsens, it becomes chronic. But it is also important its opposite , to think to have when we don't. If your discomfort occurs frequently and over a sustained period of time, at least three months, you must see a psychologist to get an external opinion.

Sick help from a therapist if you

  • Have suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • Feel permanently stuck and hopeless
  • Have no clear sense of direction
  • See your “sadness” affecting people around you

Hypnotherapy is effective treating depression

The hypnotic state triggers the production of endorphins and helps to find harmony, balance and inner peace. Hypnosis improves the sense of personal empowerment using the inner resources that were previously not recognized or not developed by an individual, and boost the willingness to learn new skills as well as to enhance the sense of reality.

Are you suffering from Depression? Want to find out how to treat depression with an effective, non chemical, non invasive therapy?

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