Clinical Hypnotherapy for Bruxism

Bruxism can be described as individuals tending to rub the teeth between them during their sleep, by means of grinding. Severe and frequent grinding can cause real damage to the dental elements including teeth and gum.

The contraction is quick and repeated during the sleep, five to ten seconds each time, and is repeated several times. Even though bruxism can stay unnoticed for longtime and not cause major issues, severe states can have serious consequences on physical and psychological health.

High waves

When and why does it happen?

The causes may be many, including if it runs in the family, psychological interference, stress, aggression or emotional tension. Unfortunately in most cases it happens during the sleep making it impossible for the individual to control it. It can cause fracture of teeth, facture of the bones supporting teeth and problems on temperomandibular joint, also affecting personal and family life.

Bruxism acts completely at a subconscious level, and this is why hypnotherapy is the best treatment for bruxism. Hypnotherapy can treat bruxism efficiently and have lasting results.

Are you suffering from Bruxism? Want to find out how to stop grinding your teeth at night with an effective therapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you stop bruxism.