Clinical Hypnotherapy for Blushing

Blushing is a common reaction to a strong emotional trigger in most human beings. If it becomes a problem showing shyness, embarrassment, or shame can impact everyday life.

It is socially acceptable to blush from time to time in consequence of a compliment. However if the blushing becomes an everyday experience as a reaction to different causes it can arm our relationships and our social life. Being noticed can increase the embarrassement and so the blushing.

woman hiding her face

In its most advanced state blushing can cause psychological problems such as anxiety or social phobia. As an example an individual can blush just thinking that others will make fun of them if they blush initiating a vicious circle of worrying.

Antidepressant are often used to control blushing with all the physical and psychological consequences of antidepressant use. If your blushing is severe you should contact your GP and ask for advice as the origin may be physical and not psychological.

In most case blushing is based on unrealistic thoughts and blushing hypnotherapy can help find the origin of causes and solve the problem at its root. If your blushing is psychological hypnotherapy is what will help you regulate your blushing.

Are you suffering from Blushing? Want to learn how to control your blushing?

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you stop blushing.