Clinical Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Addiction controls your brain and your will power. Addiction can have many faces, you can be victim of addicting games, have developed a shopping addiction or a food addiction, or any substance misuse.

Addicted individuals tend to lose their ability to control their habits. Even though most of the time the consequences affect finances, depending on the type and level of addiction this can also impact their health and wellbeing, relationships and worklife.

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There are remarkable advances in neuroscience about addiction, bringing to light some of the dependence-related brain mechanisms. However it is still not clear why different people under the same circumstances may or may not become addicted.

Different studies show which areas of the brain are involved in decision-making which is the basic factor of any addiction. The orbitofrontal cortex and the front crawler neurons are the areas of the brain activated to make decisions and so they play an important role in developing addiction.


It is always possible to sick help and overcome addiction with the help of a specialist and the willingness to change. Looking for professional help is the best and easier way to go and as soon as possible. Hypnotherapy can work on the root causes stored in the brain transforming the way the information is processed and therefore breaking the dependency.

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